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By Briana Roberts on May 19, 2016

If you are reading this post that means you have entered this fabulous website because you are looking at planning a celebration…. sooo I have decided to point out a few products that I personally love (cross my heart hope to die) that will help provide that extra something for whatever your event may be.

The first thing which caught my attention was the Personalised Chocolate Bars’. These delectably delicious blocks are made from of course only the finest Lindt chocolate and provide the cutest touch to a cake/lolly table, wedding favour or party bag by having the option to personalise the wrapping of the bars! With endless design options you are bound to find one which fills your heart with joy, while satisfying your guests sugar cravings a the same time.


Next I found myself gazing at the Paper Lantern’s imagining how I would hang these pretty babies from the ceiling and what a cost saving decoration they are! (you can re-use them by unfolding them and pop them away for the next time). The simplest things can make the biggest effect and that’s exactly what these lanterns will do! Have a play with different colours or go for all one colour to set a statement, either way your guests eyes will light up as they enter the room and so will the smile on your face.


Last but of-course not least because lets be honest I could scroll and dream of my perfect party on this site all day (non-bias opinion of course), I have chosen my third favourite item which is the little luxury Turquoise favour boxes. How can anyone not love the classic “little blue box”? Add this Tiffany blue style box to your party favours with filling inside with lollies, chocolates or even a personal gift  and it is surely a crowd winner. Everyone loves a little bit of glam in there life and this provides exactly that!


I hope these almost simple but so effective party ideas have helped you in your quest for planning the perfect party. I would love to hear what your favourites are! Make sure to write a comment or tag @favourperfect in your party planning ideas.

xx Briana




Article written by Briana Roberts
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