12" Paper Lantern - Cream (Set of 12)

12" Paper Lantern - Cream (Set of 12)
12" Paper Lantern - Cream (Set of 12)

Traditional Chinese paper lantern. Great decoration for wedding or home. Use as lamp shade, softens lighting to a soothing glow.

Very easy to setup, comes with instructions. 

Diameter: 12" / 30.5cm

Material: Rice paper with wire framing.

Expander frame: Wire framing to sustain the shape of the lantern.

Also holds the electric cord for the light bulb or alternatively you can place battery operated push button lights in each lantern which are available from most discount stores including ebay.

*Light Bulb & Wiring/Electrical cord not included


A big thankyou for the bomboniere's i recieved today. Couldnt believe how fast they i recieved them, especially when i only ordered them the other night.. They are perfect i am so happy with them. I cannot wait till my wedding now :)
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